“Praying for Resurrection”: 3rd place winner of the fall 2016 poetry contest


Selected as much for its nimble shifts between double meanings as for its simple enactment of a relatable complex of emotions, “Praying for Resurrection” recently captured third place in the fall 2016 SLAM poetry contest. Written by current C@SE student, Courtney Thompson, “Praying for Resurrection” will be published in the 2017 spring magazine. Thompson’s winning submission has been reproduced below:

Praying for Resurrection

In mid-winter
I am struck.

Dickinson’s “great pain”
is familiar to me now.

I know loss
and although you are not dead

it feels to me as if
you are.

I saw the light leave
your eyes.

I heard the change in
your voice.

So dead or alive, regardless,
it seems the same.

because either way,
you are absent from me.

Is this death worse?
Although I know

that somewhere on earth
you are walking around,

I am also aware
that your spirit is gone.

So what good is your body?
What good is the body?

If the spirit is dead?

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