Photography Contest Winners

Congratulations to our three winners of the contest, Samantha Crews, E. F. Abbot, and David Icasiano! Also, thanks to everyone who submitted their work—we enjoyed looking through everyone’s photos.

—the SLAM Editorial Staff

1. Samantha Crews: “Prague Silhouette”


I took the photo when I was living in Hungary through the HandsOn program with the IMB. That week our team took a trip up to Prague to worship with fellow believers and encourage other teams throughout Europe.

2. E. F. Abbot: “Grace”


[This] photo was taken outside Home of Grace orphanage in Bati, Cambodia shortly after the pictured woman’s baptism.

3. David Icasiano: “Small Towns and Coffee Shops”


Location: Common Grounds Coffee, Downtown Apex
Background: This was my first time shooting with a prism which gives the effect you see on the left side of the photo. My friend Tori and I were walking around downtown Apex and grabbed a cup of coffee when I took this shot.


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