Poetry Contest Winners

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The editors of SLAM are happy to announce the winners of our 2017 Poetry Contest:

First place: James Kelliher, “At Night”

of a place
from my small prison bunk
where soft grass awaits my feet,

Second Place: Jessica Saldo, “Tongue-tying (but)”

You want the words to flow,
all I know
is that
curling tongues
can shred a soul
too fast
for comprehending,
and I’m scared
that I’ll
scar you
the way
that I’ve
been torn.
I’d rather catch
the thorns
and bury them
and let their seedlings
choke me out
and wither me
of you,
I feel that if I
grow it slow,
and bear its fruit
with smiling eyes,
you will never know;
and if I keep
it all
then you
will stay
and warm
and tight


Third Place: Hannah McDill, “Travelers”

Reluctantly we stepped apart.
You moved south
While I went north.
We traveled for days.
We hiked.
We trudged.
Our knees ached.
And our feet bled.
But I remembered your voice.
I could feel the warmth of your hand in mine.
And I kept on.
And as for you –
You remembered the curve of my lips
My crooked tooth
And you never faltered.
And as time passed
Your voice grew nearer.
Until one day I caught a glimpse
Of you atop a hill.
I took one last step,
And so did you.

We enjoyed reading everyone’s poetry, and look forward to your submissions for the magazine in the spring!

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