Feeling Stagnant in the Arts?


by Heather Pennington, Editorial Assistant

Feeling stagnant or discouraged in the arts? You are not alone. I often feel that way. My hobbies in the arts are often left unused as the fast pace of life demands my attention. Lately, I have been intentional about changing that cycle. If the arts are something you truly desire to grow in, they like anything else must be consistently practiced and perfected. Only then will true growth began to develop.

How often I find myself thinking, I don’t have time to sketch. I don’t have time to write. If I keep that as a mindset, chances are I will never attend to those skills. Yet, a simple change of perspective, a re-purposing of time, and a commitment to perseverance may allow for the time you thought did not exist.

Think about it. People regularly make time for the things they want to do, even if they are nonessential. Instead of waiting for the time to be handed to you, make the time to be creative. Here are three suggestions:

  • Using break times to sketch, write, or get inspiration instead of scrolling on social media
  • Listen to the audio version of whatever book you are reading for school, freeing up your hands for creativity while listening
  • Block off a few minutes in your schedule, or whatever time frame you have, placing your art-outlet as a to-do in your life

Minor changes like these can help creativity become a part of your normal routine. Be creative with your life, passionate about your work, and intentional with your time. Be persistent and never give up on perfecting your work and learning new skills.

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